money worries council tax bill came in expecting summit in i hope soon to start payin it and some dickhead else needs payin

if i cant get into a collage or uni where am i gonna live

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This year has been up and down for me yet again I know itd be the same for many but after the shit form last year I hoped it would improve


Started pretty quiet for me all the legal stuff from the previous December a distant memory and had the best Christmas id ad in a long time with my then girlfriend and her family. By about the middle of the month a shit load of debt landed on my lap which made me ill with stress. After a few meetings with the citizen’s advice they helped me but it meant being in contact still with the local arsehole with a napoleon complex of course I stressed and worried as I usually do for not a lot really.


From what I remember started cold as hell with regular bouts of snow. But this year had the first Valentines Day that I cared about because I had some one to celebrate it with but we celebrated it on our anniversary at the end of the month which was fun. All in all the month was pretty quiet and uneventfull.Aside form dealing with said local arsehole.Anniversary was spent relaxing and so on… most enjoyable


Not a lot went to birthday nights out got ridiculously drunk and got stomache flu


ZILCH that I can remember aside from then only seeing my then girlfriend a couple of times if that over time which shortly after turned into barley spending time together at best 20 hours.

I’ve kind of drifted away from where I was going with this last time I saw her was my birthday in June. I could sense problems even asked once but was told everything was fine.

Then next month the thing that ruined my year…we finished. Now I know relationships come and go in life but I loved her with all my heart. I saved constantly to go visit her and have money so I could treat her and try to be the best boyfriend I could be. Sacrificing nights out in Newcastle so id have money not that I ever really had that much but I felt that didn’t matter as long as we spent time together

Towards the end we saw each other less and less and only communicated via text and online. Plans to visit kept getting canceld.After the break up I will admit to this day I will admit I have hit a deep depression a year and a half of our lives is a very long time. I shouldn’t be all vocal about things when im upset maybe but when I heard about something to do with us then I find im deleted on face book I was hurt. Anything ive said in anger wasn’t meant it was in the heat of the moment when I was upset. But if I feel I need to defend my self I will I wont just sit and take it and im probably now being unfairly labelled(which I think is due to people listening to others) or being accused of guilt tripping. I never meant to hurt anyone or cause upset

Sure i got frustraited at times its cause at time i felt i was the only one doing the work.Usually people say oh I just want to forget them or erase they’re memory but think about it you had good times to.

I was going to propose on her birthday which was on the same month but alas it didn’t happened and now life is shit I know it’s been a few months but as they say time heals.

Id like to thank those who have been there for me your good friends. I hate venting loads to people because I feel im burdening them but id probably go mental if I didn’t.

This is getting long after all of this all ive done is spend my time drinking or sleeping I barley see anyone anymore although I have reconnected with some old friends.

This months been quite fun what with the girls wedding and they’re hen party got quite drunk.

I keep re adding stuff to this so if it doesn’t make sense that’s why

The years nearly done and I don’t expect much to happen so please 2011 be nice


from the council has been ten fold ill give you a breif story bout whats goin on

A week or 2 or agoo should have gotten money form the council it wasnt i checked with em they say it may be due to the bank holiday.Then she phones some bloke who says he sent 2 letters (wich i never got) and im to come in for an interview wich is recorded.

Basically they claim im fraudulently claiming form them when i genuinley missplaced and forgot about forms they sent me when i signed off off the dole in 2007.

Now they want a yearss worth wage slips and me boss isnt in.After it they say i may get a caution or it may go to court.Now form what ive been told it probably wont as the council wont be willing to spend momney on it its left me quite down latley

Thats the short version want the longer one then ask me

my birthday looms

This friday if you wanna get me anything give me pennys or either red faction guerilla warfare for xbox 360 or ufc undisputed same console

will be having get together detaails to come

tech support required

my flatmate has downloaded RealTek HD sound effect manager on me laptop and its now tottally fucked up my sound and when i play music you cant hear the vocals i watch stuff n you cant hear anythin